Select one of the professions from the list provided. Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. Your responses should each be about 3 to 5 sentences in length. Review the example responses in the assignment guidelines and rubric document to help you get started.

    Nurse                              (Selected profession)
    Mental health professional
    Customer service representative
    Political figure
    Business owner
    Police officer

1.    Personality and the Individual
A.    Identify one trait from the Big Five (openness, also known as intellect/imagination; conscientiousness; extraversion; agreeableness; or neuroticism, also known as emotional stability) of your choice that you think is particularly important for your selected profession and justify your response.
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B.    Describe whether it would be most ideal for your selected professional to be low, high, or mixed for the Big Five trait you identified for most situations and justify your response.
[Insert text]

C.    Explain whether you think the effectiveness of the Big Five trait you selected depends on the situation. To justify your response, provide a real or imagined example where the trait would benefit the professional and an example where the same trait would not benefit the professional.
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2.    Personality and Teams

A.    Identify another trait from the Big Five for your selected profession and describe how scoring low, high, or mixed on that trait might influence how that professional conducts their work or interacts with others.
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B.    Explain whether you think it is better to have a diversity of traits within the same profession or among professionals with the same role or whether it is better for the professionals to exhibit the same traits. Justify your response.
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3.    Personality, Stress, and Coping

A.    Describe how you would expect your selected professional to cope with stress using a trait you identified previously or a new trait of your choosing.
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B.    Explain what kind of support you would expect from a person in this profession if you were seeking help or advice. Consider how much emotional intelligence you might expect your selected professional to display.
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[Insert text if needed]