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FILM 1-FILMAPPRECIATION:INTRODUCTIONTOCINEMAInstructors Email:MANOJLOVIC_MAJA@SMC.EDUFinal Essay Assignment: Interpretive Analysis of a Film Conduct  an  interpretive  analysis  of  a  film  of  your  choice.  Focus  on  aesthetic elements and how they shape the overall meaning of the film. Consider also how specific historical and cultural contexts affect what the film is trying to say. Essay Guidelines:1. RESEARCH:Rely on ONE SCHOLARLY secondary source. This can be a book, a scholarly peer-reviewed  article  published  in  an  academic  journal  (i.e.: Cinema Journal,Senses of Cinema), or an article in a specialized magazine (Cahiers du  Cinma, Sight and  Sound, Film  Comment, Film  Quarterly, American Cinematographer). You  may  also  use  other  secondary  sources,  such  as  DVD  commentaries, online  sources  such  as  film  reviews  (preferably  from New  York  Times, Washington  Post, Los  Angeles  Times),  Internet  Movie  Database  (IMDb), and similar. However,these do notcount as the one secondary source you are obliged to use for your final essay.The one scholarly secondary source you use needs to be ANNOTATED. This means  it  has  to  have  at  least  one  paragraph  (8  sentences  minimum):  a) summarizing the text overall, b) outlining the authors main argument, and c) an example s/he is using to support it.2. CONTENT:Engage in a dialogue with your source. That is, explain why you either agree or  disagree  with  an  authors  assertion.  In  order  for  your  essay  to  be successful,  you  need  to  engage  in  at  least  one  such  dialogue  where  you examine an authors position in detail.Give  a  clear historical  and  cultural  context  for  the  filmyou  are  analyzing. That is, explain how the time period and its cultures/politics (the dominant ideology) affected the overall meaning of the film you are analyzing. Interpretive analysis of the film should account for the aesthetic elements of filmand their effects on how the audiences experience and make sense of the film.Interpretive  analysis  should  be grounded  in  concreteshots,  scenes  or sequences from the film. That is, give a detailed description of the visuals you are analyzing. If  appropriate,  give  an  explanation  of  how  the  film  you  are  analyzing  fits into the larger body of the directors work. What are the recurrent themes and  visual  motifs  that  can  be  traced  throughout  his/her  work?  Does  s/he like to work within a particular genre? If so, explain why.
23. ORGANIZATION:The introduction needs to include: 1. A brief summary of the film you are analyzing.2.Please, have a clearly discernible thesis main argument which needs to be underlined. A good thesis can be longer than one sentence. It needs to  address  WHAT  is  your argument,  HOW  are  you  going  to  go  about proving  it  (what  evidence  you  are  going  to  use),  and  WHY  is  this important for the reader to know (it answers the So what? question).In  order  to  ensure  your  essay  is  cohesive  please,  clearly  develop  your argument throughout your essay. This means that every paragraph (or two) addresses  one  aspect  of  your  argument  supported  by  a  concrete  example from  a  film  (=  evidence  that  illustrates  your  argument).  That  is,  every paragraph explains, expands and adds to your main argument.4. FORMATTING:Your final essay should be 5-6pages, double-spaced, and typed in 12-pt font, with one-inch margins. Please, insert page numbers at the bottom of your page. Please, staple your paper.Please, make sure you cite your sources in footnotes (or endnotes). You may use any citation format you are comfortable with but please, be consistent.The BIBLIOGRAPHY (LIST OF REFERENCES) needs to be on a separate page, single spaced, and stapled together with the rest of your final essay. It will also contain the one scholarly ANNOTATED SOURCE.5. DEADLINES:5/25Essay Proposal 1 single-spaced pages minimum6/01First Draft 4 pages6/08Final Draft 5 6 pages(submit on Canvas)._______________________________________________________5/25Essay ProposalThe essay proposal should have the following elements:1.Clearly identified topic the film of your choice.2.Three concrete examples (of shots, sequences, ideas) from the film you will analyze.  These  examples  may  both  generate  and  support  your  main argument.3.Give a tentative thesis statement. 4.List your sources. Oneof them needs to be annotated. This means that the source  has  to  have  at  least  one  single-spaced  paragraph  (8sentences minimum)  summarizing  the  text  overall  and  outlining  the  authors  main argument along with an example she is using to support it. Conclude with a brief  explanation  of  why  you  either  agree  or  disagree  with  authors assertions and how you plan on incorporating her ideas into your argument