week 3 RD#2

 Read:    Managing Survival Economic Realities for Vietnamese American Women (page 237) Linda Trinh Vo  (I attached the file below)

Please write the summary ( Economic Realities for Vietnamese American Women (page 237))to include main points. Keep in mind your peers may have not read the chapter you selected so you would like to provide them with an overall summary of the chapter reading.

Requirement: In your summary/analysis, you must provide citations from the reading which should include title, page numbers, and a reference page.  However, on the week of your final, theres no reading discussion forum.

Your post should include:

  1. Title of Article and Author
  2. Summary of article selected: a paragraph with citations
  3. Reflection of the reading: a paragraph
    • A reflection can include your own personal experience that’s related to the readings, a connection to the reading that you found in a news or academic article, movie, YouTube video, etc.
    • You can also include your thoughts, views, or opinion about the chapter reading you selected.
    • If you’re having trouble, you can answer the following questions:
      • What did you find interesting about the reading?
      • What would you have done in their situation?
      • How would the issues in the chapter be in today’s political climate?
      • Where does issue the issues stand today?
      • What policies or suggestions do you have to improve the issues?