W2: Models (Bion or Tuckman)

After completing the required reading for this week and reviewing the content, also view this short video: Group Dynamics
For this discussion please consider the following:

All of us have been assigned on a team in order to discuss and solve a problem of some kind.
-State which type of team (based on Table 2.2 in our chapter reading) you were on (project, work, matrix, parallel, etc.) and explain why it is that type.
-Think about a time when you were in this team situation and discuss the stages your team progressed through. 
-Use either Bion’s four possible pitfalls that need to be worked through in groups and teams or use the Tuckman model which outlines stages we move through during team change. 
-Apply one of these models to your personal example and explain when each pitfall or stage occurred. 
-Finally, discuss the positive or negative outcome of your team.