Unit 5 DB: Possible Underlying Causes of Behavior

When you first hear possible underlying causes of behavior, what comes to mind?  Based on readings and discussions on social development, we have come to understand we must take into account possible reasons for undesirable behaviors and provide positive guidance strategies to address these behaviors.  Some of the most common underlying causes of behavior may include frustration, misunderstanding expectations, boredom, discouragement, desire for recognition, attention, and rebellion.

Reflect and describe one of your own personal and/or professional experiences regarding inappropriate behavior.  You may describe an experience when you were a child displaying inappropriate behavior or when you were an adult (teacher or parent), providing the intervention to shape the childs inappropriate behavior.
Describe the situation.
Identify the possible underlying cause(s) of the behavior.
Describe in detail the intervention provided by the adult.
Was the intervention successful in shaping the childs behavior?  Why or why not?
Describe what you would do differently.