Thinking Paper

The assignment is divided into five parts, write one or two pages of double space paper for each part.
!!!Please see the attachment for specific instructions!!!

1. Happiness
Please watch this video (Money can buy happiness: Michael Norton at TEDxCambridge 2011) and write a one-page double-spaced paper about your reaction to this happiness culture and how you can create a happiness culture yourself.

2. World’s Most Ethical Companies
Look at the 2020 list of most ethical companies, and identify a company that is ethical. Look at their website and identify their Code of Conduct.
Please attach their Ethical Code of Conduct at the beginning of the article.
And write a statement agreeing with one aspect of their code, and a statement disagreeing or improving one aspect of their code.

3. IKEA page 92

Please write a 1 page double spaced critical thought piece:
Does IKEA have a system to influence stakeholder behavior? If so, describe the system and explain who changes more under the system, IKEA or its consumers.
Does IKEAs strategy reflect a normative approach to managing stakeholder claims? If so, how?

4. Energy Sources

[1]Please research and list 2 pros and 2 cons on the effect of all of these energy sources as well as the sustainability that each source enjoys:
    1) Wind
    2) Solar
    3) Hydro
    4) Natural Gas
    5) Nuclear
    6) Coal
    7) Petroleum
[2]Consider ethically what is happening to the world.  If you were to rule the world, what types of energy would you use?
I know there are questions on the sustainability of resources–there are deep questions on most types of energy. This gives us as humans pause to think of the best way to live on this planet. 

5. Tucked In

Critical Thinking: One page double spaced opinion paper

How do you think clothing choices affect the relationships we form at work or in other business situations?
What is your opinion about workplace dress codes, and how far should employers go in setting dress and other behavior standards? Why are these standards important (or not) from an ethical perspective?
How do you think clothing might affect an international companys approach to business ethics?