Sex Drugs & Theatre

This response must be up to 600 words in length, not including the reference page.

Assignment Outline
This Critical Response must consist of at least three paragraphs. In the first paragraph you must introduce the topic of your critical response. In the middle paragraph(s) you must elaborate on your thoughts based on evidence gathered from the readings, lectures, interviews, or screenings in one or more of the last three Themes of the course. In your final paragraph you must write a conclusion that summarizes the ideas discussed in your paper.

you must thoughtfully engage with one or more aspect(s) of the material in Themes 4 6. (I will provide you this information after)
You may choose to focus on one particular topic or do a comparison of two or more different topics. Whatever you choose, you must clearly introduce your subject in the first paragraph of the assignment.
These are short papers, do not try to cover too much material.

Each Critical Response must:
– have an introduction.
– demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic discussed.
– make specific reference to some aspect of the material covered in the first three
– present a thoughtful analysis that is not a biased opinion.
– have good grammar and flow.
– Use MLA style guide and citation practices