Results and Discussion – A Research Proposal On Positive Reinforcement In Educational Institutions

Afternoon DocKamen! I’m re-assigning the below paper and needing a Results and Discussion section included. This is my fault for not including in my previous order#. I’ve included the previous paper completed for reference, in order to add the R and D sections to. I appreciate all your help!

In the Results section you will discuss what you intend to find. Dont make up results, simply state what you intend to find and talk specifically about each group of participants and how the results will potentially be the same or different. Explain what statistical test(s) youll use to assess differences and significance.

For the Discussion section, what are the limitations to your research questions and potential results? What are the benefits and drawbacks to your sample demographics and sample size? How might results from this study help contribute to future research? In other words, what is the next-next step?