For this project, you will create a professional blog post highlighting what you have learned about personality theory applied to yourself in the workplace. The purpose of the post is to promote and encourage similar reflection from peers.

Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. Insert 3 to 5 sentences for each bullet. Delete the bullets when you are done so your finished product will resemble a blog post.

                                                    [Insert title]

[Optional: Insert image]

Personality and the Individual
    [Describe how the results from your Big Five personality assessment provide insights into how you work or the type of work that interests you most.]
    [Describe a type of work setting that may be a good fit for your personality (remote, group, hospital, private practice, open setting, privacy). Justify your answer.]
    [Describe the traits that you would seek in your ideal manager. Justify your response.]

Personality and Teams
    [Describe how your behavior could shift as a result of the type of work you are doing (group work, individual work, etc.).]
    [Describe which traits may be viewed as strengths in a team setting, and how those traits may be a strength in one situation and not in another.]
    [Describe an example of the person-situation debate in the workplace.]
    [Describe how you would handle potential conflict with a coworker and how your personality traits play a role in this situation.]

Personality, Stress, and Coping
    [Describe how you could approach differentiating between a team members personality traits and personality states especially when it relates to stress.]
    [Describe an approach you could take to reduce a peers stress at work. Justify your response.]
    [Explain how you would determine if your own stress in the workplace is too high and the steps you would take to reduce it. Justify your response.]