Plan to Increase Non-Instructional Employees’ Morale and Motivation

Using the techniques and strategies cited in the textbook and relevant literature, including Herzberg’s research, develop an overall plan to increase the morale and motivation of the non-instructional employees who work at your school (security guards/monitors, clerical, custodial, food service workers, bus drivers, etc.).  In addition to the overall plan, create an outline for a staff development (in-service training) workshop for one of the non-instructional groups mentioned above to improve their public relations and communication skills while increasing their morale and motivation.  Include a minimum of four citations from practitioners’ journals and/or appropriate websites, and remember to follow all APA guidelines.

For the in-service training, please use bullet points.

I am attaching five PowerPoints of the charter. For the first PowePoint, for can take the information from slides 65- 77. For the other four, you can use the information in all the slides.

Below is the citation from the book.

Moore, E. H., Bagin, D., & Gallagher, D. R. (2020). The school and community relations. Hoboken, NJ: Pearson Education.