Personal Reflection

In Assignment #1 you identified three of your own behaviors that are things you would like to change or improve.  Review the feedback provided by your instructor and select the single behavior you will write about for the remaining personal reflection assignments.


Provide three examples of this one behavior occurring in your life. Examples are best when they are specific, that is, they actually describe a specific time when this happened, and help the reader understand why you consider this behavior problematic.
Your submission should be between 150 and 250 words.  Papers that go beyond this word limit will receive a deduction.
In Assignment #1 you should have provided one example of this behavior happening in your life.  In this assignment you will provide three examples and include enough detail that the reader understands why this is something you consider a problem.

Remember to start by clearly stating what your problem behavior is.  Also, keep in mind that this assignment is about DESCRIBING your behavior.  You should not discuss why you do this behavior or where you think it came from, or how to change it.  These things will be explored in a future assignment.

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