Marketing and distribution management

Answer the following questions

The Marketing Plan Company is Apple Inc, an American multinational technology company.

Question One – Pricing Strategy – know the difference between value-based and cost-based pricing – what is the method that best aligns with your marketing plan company – recall price penetration and price skimming as a way to enter new markets

Question Two – Cost of Production – what is the cost of producing one unit (or series or bundle) of your product – identify the different costs associated with this important element of determining your product’s price

Question Three – Distribution Strategy –  know the difference between vertical and horizontal(Conventional) distribution – how do these terms align with your marketing plan company

Question Four – The Value Chain – be ready to articulate and define the details of your company’s marketing channels from manufacturing to final retail – examine all of the ways your company can increase profitability by managing costs and increasing value throughout the entire channel of distribution

Question Five – Promotion Strategy – have a command of the five elements of the promotion mix as they apply to your marketing plan company – we also introduced you to the leveraged sales force model – how might this model strengthen your current sales strategy

Question Six –  PR vs. Advertising – First, why is “advertising dumb” – what is behind this riddle?  I think this may in fact be a real question – hint hint – When launching a new brand, we discussed in lecture that it is best to build the brand first with PR, and then sustain it with advertising if necessary.  Explain this reasoning by providing support from the readings.  In essence, provide a specific overview of your promotion strategy what are the aims and what are you going to do to communicate your value proposition?  Here is a great opportunity to pull from Berger’s Contagious as well.

Question Seven – Globalization of Markets – I think this just might be a real question as well…. hint hint:  defend or reject or modify Levitts bold assertions below on the nature of the global firm.  Consider your marketing plan company as a reference point to help build your discussion.
    The worlds needs and desires have been irrevocably homogenized.  This makes the multinational corporation obsolete and the global corporation absolute
    Technology drives consumers relentlessly toward the same common goals alleviation of lifes burdens and expansion of discretionary time and spending power
    Cultural preferences follow one of two paths: they eventually lose relevance to economic decision making, or they diffuse to other groups and become the substance of global trends

Question Eight – So – How do Global Brands Compete – look familiar …. hint hint