Israeli violations of International Law (Genocide)

1. Human suffering and armed conflict (JvdV)
Based on the problmatique assignedto you, youwill prepare an advisory report,taking the
role of a legal / policy advisor from Open Society Foundation/ Amnesty International / Human
Rights Watch, UNHCR or a regional Human Rights NGO of your choice. Your advisory report
should include the following:
You are expected to refer to the different theories, concepts, tools and actors in
international peacebuilding that have been discussed in the literature, lectures, and
The Advisory Report should include the following mandatory four elements:
1) A choice of the relevant audience to which you want to address the report
2) An inventory of human rights infringements with regard to the problmatique assigned
to you, which conceptualizes the case by referring to relevant treaties, conventions,
and declarations, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the covenants,
A (juridical oriented) description of the courses of actions that are legally
possible to address the relevant problmatique. A guiding question is: who
can dowhat?
An advice on which course of action is most feasible and politically expedient,
and which should therefore be prioritized by the audience of your choice.
3) Format:
Self-formulated research question, and body
To be able to write your paper you will first have to do research. Hence, look for reliable
(online) sources in the databases of the digital HHs library (using the simultaneous search
function). You may also have to go to other (online) libraries, like those of the Peace Palace
(International Court of Justice in The Hague), ISSS (the International Institute of Social
Studies in The Hague), the Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague) or the
library of Leiden University (in Leiden).
You must submit your advisory report through Blackboard no later than Monday June 14,2021 at 9:00. The
link will disappear after the deadline.
Your written report has a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 2,000 words (excluding
the title page, the literature list and references from the word count).
4) Lay-out requirements for the report:
Literature list and references in APA style (mandatory)! (for guidelines see
Add page numbers at the bottom of the page
Use headings to structure your text
Use Calibri, size 11, and double line spacing
Include a word count at the end of yourtext
On the title page mention the following information: subject, Paper Human Rights Law
& Conflict Resolution, your assigned problmatique, first opportunity / second
opportunity, draft / final version, your names and student numbers, the name/s of your
instructor/s, and the date.
You can find the rubric for grading in annex A (separate document). Before starting to write
your report, first have a look at this rubric.