Over the past centuries, major powers outside Southeast Asia (SEA) have often taken keen interest in
engaging activities with SEA or exerting presence on SEA, due to the value of SEA in various areas.
Analyse two areas where SEA has value to such major powers currently. At least one of these areas should
be applicable for more than 150 years. Furthermore, explain one problem faced by such major powers
when they sought to benefit from SEA in the 19th century, and also one problem faced by SEA nations when
they deal with the influence of such major powers on SEA today. The two areas and two problems covered
should be supported by factual illustrations that involve Singapore somehow.
Go through the article appended and answer all of the following questions.
B1. Examine two ways how environmental degradation can bring long-term damage to global trade. Each
way examined should be substantiated by appropriate evidence (data and/or example).
B2. Discuss one reason why international cooperation is vital for combating environmental degradation.
Then appraise one weakness held by your own country when it comes to promoting international
cooperation against environmental degradation, with comment on possible cause(s) of this weakness.
B3. Identify two economic considerations that deter the private sector in Singapore from making business
models environment-friendly. For each consideration, propose and justify one suggestion on how an
existing public policy or the new SG Green Plan may be improved to address the consideration
better, so that the private sector can be more active in using environment-friendly business models.