Engineering Ethics


You are a team leader for the Grantham Inc., a consulting firm for security solutions.  Your team is working on a project that involves a governmental project at a nuclear power plant.  The information is extremely sensitive, and involves following many regulations.  This is giving your team a negative disposition. You found out that John is not paying attention to the details of the regulations like he should.  Ebony is an environmentalist and is against working on the contract, but has been assigned the project so the team has a representative that is worried about the environment.  Finally, Ibrahim has been very vocal about his opinions of the federal regulations.  Your report is due in a week.  Using some of the methods learned so far in the class, and some discussed in this weeks lesson, how would you compare and contrast personal and business ethics in this case to get the job done correctly and on time?  Be sure and articulate ethical issues in societal and global contexts

For your submission, you will need to provide your own thoughts on the assignment, but in third person. Apa format


  1. Write a one-to-two-page paper (not including title page or references, submit as a Word document).  Use Times New Roman or Calibri, font size 12, one-inch margins, double-spaced.  Dont forget to cite inside the paper.  Be sure to include references at the end.