Effects of COVID 19 on Businesses

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Comments from four Source Document:
It is well structured and developed throughout. The one item is that as you move ahead into the next essay to better integrate sources around the themes or categories you are developing

Summary of assignment
Task: The six-source essay asks you to synthesize the arguments of six sources
Length: Minimum of 1300 words. The instructor will give you comments on the first draft and let you know if you need more development beyond 1300 words.
Format: APA
Sources: A total of six sources, all of which you will find through library searches. Please use the same topic that you used for writing assignment #2. It is recommended that you expand on the essay that you wrote for writing assignment #2. You will continue with the topic you have selected and will conduct additional searches in the library databases, hopefully focus the topic more, and determine the six or more sources to use in this essay.
o Please use only six sources. Please do not incorporate more than six sources into this essay.