Discussion Question

    Identify the essential issues of the readings and themes of the films.
    Answer any questions asked in the lecture material.
    Your initial response(s) to the films and reading, and an analysis as to why and how they left you with these particular impressions. Explain the complexities faced in exploring the reading alongside the weeks film(s).
    Two or three questions that come to mind after finishing the readings and film. In addition, jot down any thoughts you might have about these.
    Point to an important passage (or passages) in the reading and/or scene(s) in the film that need to be understood. Copy one sentence, line, or phrase that struck you as especially moving, puzzling, enlightening, etc. Then discuss how and why this sentence, line, or phrase evoked this response.
    Respond to the comments and questions raised by your classmates.
Movie Link http://sohstream.csudh.edu/jbrandt/mividaloca.mp4