Macro-level Structural Influences on Our Identity, Beliefs, and Cognition
A cornerstone of the sociological approach to social psychology is that social variables shape our cognition, biases, identity, and so forth.  Social variables and influences include micro-level interactions within small groups all the way up to the macro-level variables such as the global economy.
Read the following articles in Unit V (“Social Structure and Social Psychology”):  40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 48.  Also read the introductions to each section.  Using what these readings teach you about how macro-level forces like race, gender, and social class shape us, analyze how you, someone you know, or a character from a book or movie has been shaped by one or more of those social structures.
Also be sure use at least one concept from this week’s readings (and earlier chapters, non-assigned chapters, and outside sources if useful), define and apply each concept you incorporate into your post, and include in-text citations with page numbers and a reference list (or bibliography) in APA style.
Use 40,41 for discussion.  Racism and Prejudice and Double-Consciousness and America definition of what you makes you a Negro.