Detroit, MI African Americans & Diabetes

Practicum: Epidemiology: Define Your Population and Selected Problem (DETROIT, MI AFRICAN AMARICANS & DIABETES)

Overview: This week, you will further refine your population and problem and compare your suspicions about this problem to local, state, and national data on the topic. Your practicum project should come into clear focus as you continue to analyze related health data, and you should consider how you, as the nurse, might help them avoid development of the problem in the first place (primary prevention measures).
Practicum Discussion: This week your assignment is to collect and then refine health data about the issue that affects your population group. You will use scholarly professional literature to support your ideas about the population at risk. If data is not available for your population on a local level, then use county or state data. Some examples of health data that you might consider gathering are epidemiologic information related to health conditions, reproductive outcomes, causes of death, vital statistics, socioeconomic data including poverty and/or educational levels, quality of life issues, and/or lack of access to health care due to lack of health insurance or access to providers. You will want to compare local data with state and national trends to fully understand the extent of the selected problem in your community.
Please address the following points in your Practicum Discussion:
    Describe the specific health problem and population you have selected.
    What data did you find to support your decision? Help each other further refine and clarify the problem and population.
    What useful health data and public health websites did you locate to support your position?
    What other evidence did you find? You can include scholarly articles in this discussion.

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    Excellent    Proficient    Basic    Needs Improvement
Required Content
Refined population and selected health problem locally, comparing to state and national data with initial consideration as to how the problem might be avoided.    Points Range:32 (64.00%) – 35 (70.00%)
Initial post contains well developed and insightful analysis that brings new insight into the discussion .    Points Range:28 (56.00%) – 31 (62.00%)
Initial post contains reasonable analysis that brings insight into the discussion.    Points Range:25 (50.00%) – 27 (54.00%)
Initial post contains minimal analysis that brings limited insight into the discussion.    Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 24 (48.00%)
Initial post lacks analysis and/or that brings little or no insight into the discussion.
Response Posts
Entered the discussion thread on 3 separate days. Wrote at least two posts to two separate peers.

Responses are appropriate to the topic, substantive, and promoted discussion by one or more of the following:
contributing insight to move the discussion forward.
offering substantial and/or different points of view and asks questions to add to discussion
including extra references or websites for peers to consider
relating discussion to different areas of practice and applying concepts to practice

**Additional points may be deducted for late posting per the University late policy.    Points Range:9 (18.00%) – 10 (20.00%)
Response posts add ideas and perspective that invite further analysis and discussion. Participated 3 or more days in the classroom and responded to more than 2 classmates.    Points Range:8 (16.00%) – 8 (16.00%)
Response posts are substantial and provide adequate analysis and discussion. Participated 3 days in the classroom and responds to at least two classmates.    Points Range:7 (14.00%) – 7 (14.00%)
Response posts are limited and provide minimal analysis and discussion. Participated less than 3 days in the classroom and/or responds to less than two classmates.    Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6 (12.00%)
Response posts are inadequate and provide no analysis of discussion and/ or there is no participation in the classroom.
Writing and Format
Uses evidence to support a claim and give credit to the source. Uses course learning resources and seeks additional scholarly resources to support ideas. Displays sentence, paragraph, and essay skills. Writes in a scholarly, well-organized manner using own words by synthesizing evidence/resources. Paraphrases to avoid plagiarism of the source. APA: No more than one short, unique quote with correct APA format. Appropriate use and format of in-text citations and reference list.    Points Range:5 (10.00%) – 5 (10.00%)
Writer demonstrates excellence in all sentence and paragraph level skills within discussion board posts to meet the 4000 Level Academic Writing Expectations.    Points Range:4 (8.00%) – 4 (8.00%)
Writer demonstrates proficiency of most sentence and paragraph level skills within discussion board posts to meet the 4000 Level Academic Writing Expectations with only one format or writing issue needing to be addressed.    Points Range:3 (6.00%) – 3 (6.00%)
Writer demonstrates minimal skill in meeting sentence level and/or paragraph level skills within discussion board posts to meet the 4000 Level Academic Writing Expectations with less than or equal to three format or writing issues needing to be addressed.    Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 2 (4.00%)
Writer demonstrates inadequate skill in meeting the sentence and/or paragraph level skills to meet the 4000 Level Academic Writing Expectations with four or more format or writing issues needing to be addressed.