Data-Based Research Paper on any topic in Forensic Psychology

The paper will be a DATA-BASED research paper on any topic related to forensic psychology.  These should take the form of a data-based analysis of a controversial area in forensic psychology, wherein you use data from research studies (particularly peer-reviewed journal articles, such as those available on PsychINFO or Google Scholar) to weight evidence for a particular issue.  Examples might include (but are not limited to):

Does media violence contribute to societal violence?
Does the death penalty deter capital crimes?
Are gun regulations effective in reducing gun crimes?
Do certain mental illness increase risk for criminal behavior?
– I narrowed the topics to these few options

Whatever topic you choose, you should NOT argue for a particular position (e.g. Microaggressions are real) but rather present a BALANCED coverage of the topic (e.g. The evidence that microaggressions are real is X, Y; the evidence they are not real is Q, R.  These papers should have a title page, abstract and reference section (10 references minimum, journal articles, scholarly books, legal decisions are all acceptable references), and should be 7 pages long, not including title page, abstract or references.  Format is Times New Roman, double spaced, 12-point font, 1 margins.