Cultural differences between US and haiti and its impacts/implications on business strategy for global company

Draft Submission of the Final Course Project

By now, you should have identified your topic, company and host country. You may select a topic from the list below:

This draft summary assignment is a mini version of your final project. It is worth 10% of total course grading. This is designed so that you are given feedback on your outline to fill any necessary content gaps as you do more research and develop your full paper.  This is to make sure that you are starting this and thinking about this early and not waiting to the last minute.

For this draft summary, you will submit a fully APA formatted Microsoft Word document.
There must be at least three reference sources in addition to any research from the e-Text which must also be cited and referenced if used.

The requirement for this summary is to submit  a Word document outline with at least one paragraph for each topic you will be presenting. Basically you need to have at least one paragraph for each sections you are submitting and have the general format of the paper laid out including all sections from the cover page through the reference page.

This assignment will be graded based on including all required sections. In general the same rubric for the final paper will be used, but you will not be held accountable for complete assignments.

The more information that you present in your draft the more prepared you will be for the final submission.

Full/Final Submission:

For your final project, you are to choose from one of the topics below that we have discussed in this course so far. (This project is worth 20% of your course grade.)

Cultural differences between US and another developing country and its impacts/implications on business strategy for global company
Policies and practices of Corporate Social Responsibilities of a multinational company in a developing country
Benefits and Challenges of a selected global entry strategy of a global business into a developing country
Impact/influence of legal and political environment of a developing country on global company doing business in that country
Policies and Practices of Government in a developing country in dealing with corruptions and Ethics in Global business
Opportunities and Challenges of a Regional Economic Integration or Trade Partnership from the perspective of a developing country
You are required to submit a term paper based on the topic that you select.

On the topic, you choose you are required to research and present how that topic impacts International Business and how it is addressed in the business world today. Your presentation must be framed in terms of the documented source material.

You are expected to:

Analyze the topic,
Highlight the history or background of the key issues,
Provide an example of a specific international company and how they handled this topic.
Lastly you must include your own recommendations on how this issue should be addressed in the future.


You must cite all your sources (3 minimum external sources) and any plagiarism will result in an automatic 0 grade.
Your work will be checked through Turnitin for plagiarism
If you choose to write a paper:
It must include a title page and a reference page.
The paper must be at least 4 pages long, not including any title page or reference page.
It must be double spaced with times roman 12 font.