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In this assignment, you must synthesize large amounts of information into a concise, well-supported persuasive micro-paper. Below are three provocative statements designed to elicit a strong argumentative response in support of or against. Choose one statement  and write one persuasive micro-paper broken down the following way:

Introduction 50 – 100 words, must include a clear thesis statement (your position)
Body 500 – 800 words, provides evidence to support your position
Conclusion 50 – 100 words, brief summary confirming your position (no new information)

Use double-spacing and APA v. 7 throughout the paper, including an APA v. 7 title page and reference list. Remember to include in-text citations for anything your write that did not originate with you or your direct experiences. Purdue Writing Lab APA v. 7 is an excellent online resource to assist you with proper APA writing style and citations.
Clearly indicate which statement you are responding to in your introduction of the micro-paper. You must support your arguments with credible research from a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources; however, it is always important to use as many sources as necessary to justify your positions. Use the information provided in this course and from the research you do on your own to support your arguments. Be sure to justify and defend the connection between course/program concepts and criminal behavior in your writing. All information from sources should be summarized or paraphrased; do not use direct quotes. Please respect the spirit of the course content relating to social inequality, discrimination, racism, and bias. Comments that perpetuate intolerance will be frowned upon and will be reflected in your overall mark.  AGAIN, this is NOT an opinion piece.  You are to ground your position in evidence and research.

Use the rubric below for guidance to complete this assignment.

The following statements are intended to challenge frequent assumptions and perceptions held by members of the general public. Your role is to take a position and use research and evidence to give credibility to your argument. Use the course content and readings as a starting point.

Statement 1:

The residential school system was closed a long time ago. The historical abuses and discrimination faced by Indigenous peoples cannot still be used as an excuse for poverty and poor living conditions on reserves in Canada.

Statement 2:

Indigenous peoples struggles with alcohol and drug addiction are due solely to personal choice.  The crime and incarceration that result from substance abuse are their own fault.

Statement 3:

Women who end up on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, or in other marginalized communities in Canada, have chosen to live a high-risk lifestyle and must accept the consequences of such a decision (e.g., prostitution, violence, criminal victimization, disease, poor living conditions, addiction, etc.).