Asking Questions is the module name

this module is an elective module which consists of 1. engineering 2. philosophy 3. economics 4. computational thinking 5. physics 6. design its not a general essay but need to incorporate this topics that i have learned and you have to use the lecture and tutorial files that i have uploaded. its about questioning methods and use two topics  from the 6 given to write the essay so you can use engineering and philosophy  files attached to write the essay

this is the question

1. How can questioning methods be helpful in analyzing real-world problems? Use
concepts/ ideas from one or more GEQ segments (lectures/readings/tutorials) to discuss.
Focus on HOW different questioning methods might be helpful in providing you with a
deeper understanding of a problem, rather than solving the problem.
This could be a personal storyi.e. a problem you really had yourself (e.g. in your studies,
social interactions, etc.) or based on your observation about someone else (a famous
scientist, a businessperson, just someone you read about online), or address a global issue
(e.g. global warming, pandemics etc.)

the topic for the essay you could address a global issue so i have decided to choose COVID-19

Final Paper
Word limit: 650- 750 words
The final paper is in essay format and has a word limit: minimum (650 words) and maximum
(750 words), not including references/tables/graphs/images.

so you could limit your words to about 700 words