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You are employed by a high-tech multinational corporation (MNC) named Widget. The MNC Widget is located in Wilberforce, Ohio, and manufactures widgets.

The corporate VP has requested that you perform an analysis on Indonesia & China. The analysis is to determine which country has the best environment for international trade and business expansion.

Your analysis will include major areas of VP concern, a recommendation, and a rationale for your recommendation. The areas of concern for the VP are:

1. Description of region/country with a brief history

2. Form of government with your opinion of political and legal stability

3. Methods to offset international trade risk

4. Comparison of economies to determine the greatest potential for profit growth (Include charts with GDP and GDP per capita)

5. Comparison of region/country infrastructure and education system

6. United States dollar strengthens and weakening: Present current valuation (U.S. Dollar versus the two countries currency) and effect on corporate profits.