Any topic (writer’s choice)

The purpose of this assignment is for you and your group to find a CBA online for an organization of your choice.  Your presentation will present elements of the CBA as indicated below and using the CBA Project Rubric.
(I will send the CBA by text)

The slides must include the elements below.

1. TITLE PAGE – The name of the CBA, who are the parties of the contract, What are the dates covered in the agreement?

2. ABOUT (INSERT NAME) – What is the company/organization? What is the industry? What is the history and nature of the business?

3. ABOUT UNION MEMBERSHIP – What employees are covered by the CBA? How many members/ Which job codes or positions? What types of duties are being performed?

Note: I need to create a PowerPoint slides base on the answers. The answers should be in bullet points and small paragraphs to create the PowerPoint slides. Thank you