780 Vision Casting and Other Leadership Practices Discussion Board

    Reflect on a previous occasion when you were inspired by a leader casting a vision and discuss to what extent did it stimulate you to respond in a tangible manner.
    Elaborate on the tension that can exist when leaders enable others (failure to meet goals, loss of control yet needing to support others grow as leaders).
    Identify several personal expectations from Christian leaders regarding coaching others and how is this distinct from mentoring? From your personal experience which was more effective and why? Include biblical examples and principles that align with your response.
    Analyze two scholarly sources and discuss to what extent they align with your response to the discussion question.
minimum of 2 sources excluding the text.
1 Biblical integration
Read: Luke 10:1 11
Read: 1 Corinthians 4:9 16
Read: Merida: Elisha: Mighty in Word and Deed 3:1 4:44, Cleansed Lepers and Floating Axe Heads 5:1 6:7