Zoo Ethology Paper

This assignment will require you to go to the zoo or and observe live streaming of primates for several hours. If you choose to go to the Tulsa zoo or the observations at another zoo. You may also choose to utilize one of the pre-approved live-streams of primates linked to Harvey. If you do so, you must elaborate on this in the text of your paper.

Please choose two primates to observe. You need to choose primates from two different sub-orders (Prosiminans, Old world monkeys and New world monkeys). Siamangs, gibbons, and chimps are all apes, you cannot do these together. Also, you cannot choose Humans! Please do not choose two animals housed in the same enclosure.

Based on the data you gathered please write the following paper.  This is the format for a scientific paper (which differs from reflction papers or opinion papers. The language should be succient and not emotional. It is not about your feelings (i.e., the primates were cute) but about developing a hypotheses, gathering data to test it and then analyzing it. For EACH statement you make that you did not observe yourself or come up with to explain the data, you need to cite your sources. This is used not only as an aid to prevent plagarizing but as a source of support for your argument.

The paper should have 4 sections: Introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

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