write about Pablo Picasso: Les Demoiselles D’Avignon art work.

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write about Pablo Picasso: Les Demoiselles D’Avignon art work.

paper must include:

1. A formal analysis is an examination of the art work?s properties (composition, shapes, colors, textures, lines, light and dark, patterns, use of space, for example), what the artwork represents (subject matter) and how the forms and subject matter combine to create meaning. The formal analysis is based on an exhaustive description of a work of art based on your own careful observation of it (see the guide to a basic formal analysis on Blackboard).
– The formal analysis tries to answer the question: how does the work create meaning? Therefore, it is more than an inventory or list of things

2. Your reflection on the work?s cultural meaning tries to answer the following questions: What does the work express? What meanings and cultural values does it convey? What does the work express about its socio-historical context of production? In other words, how is the artwork related to its culture, to a period? This reflection requires connecting: the subject matter (content), the material and form, with the sociohistoric context of the work.

for sources use
Metropolitan Museum of Art Webpage

DON?T use Wikipedia or blogs as sources or plagiarize.

when using a quote please explain what the quote means to you.

minimum of 2 quotes to be used in the paper

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