Women working in a male dominated NFL

This is for a 400 level Sociology of Organizations Class. The object of this assignment is to write a blog post using a topic of our choice.  I have chosen the topic of discussing the prescence of women working in the NFL organization.  The purpose of the blog is to discuss components of an organization from a sociological perspective using theoretical and empirical evidence. The instructor wishes for us to discuss a theme in class. The theme I will have you use is the Theory of Gendered Organizations.  References attached The stand I would like to take is that the NFL in present times is making the effort to employ more women within the organization and hierarchy of positions. What you will need to do is incorporate the theme and then incorporate my stand. The best approach would be to analyze and interpret the history of the NFL in regards to female employees.  Discuss how the NFL was genderized as male dominant throughout history and how women are trying to make an attempt to be included in positions that have been always male dominated.  Discuss what women’s roles were in the past and how that has evolved over time. There are plenty examples out there of current employees like Sarah Thomas and Maia Chaka as officials. Maybe try to find examples of women in decision making positions or coaching staff and what some of the challenges have been in regards to this. Use the reference I have attached to discuss the theme of Gendered Organizations to introduce the conflict in the NFL. Then use any references you can find to back up the stand.  Below is instructions from the instructor.

For this semester, students are to write blog posts. Each blog post should be between 800-1000 words (roughly). Blog posts should present an argument about a topic of choice in a clear, concise way that is grounded in theoretical and empirical material. By theoretical, I mean that it should draw on one of the themes we discussed in class. Empirically, you can draw on a concern or something of interest to you. It can be a current event or social problem or something in the past. The topic is open, it just has to touch on a theme related to the course. Almost anything you can think of has an organizational component. 

Blog posts should be structured in a way that introduces the main concern of the piece and states the argument that you intend to present. From there, lay out your argument in concise terms, making reference to the materials on which youre basing your argument. You can create hyperlinks in MS Word using the Insert>Hyperlink function. Link to web materials, e.g., websites, news sources, data sources, etc. in the text. List your references at the end of the piece.

In grading the assignment, I will be looking for clarity and strength of argument. As such, your arguments should be grounded in the material as well as your topic and well-referenced. Your post does not need to be polemical, but it should take a stand. It should be worth sharing with the world. Because the pieces are designed to be brief, youll have to limit the scope of your argument fairly narrowly. For models of how best to do this, you can look at the opinion pieces on national newspapers, like the NY Times or Washington Post.

For examples of blog posts, see the Organizational Dynamics Blog: https://organizationaldynamics.wordpress.com/

There are also several sociology-themed blogs you can check out. Here are some of my favorites:






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