WK6 Dustin

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A disaster can have varying effects on the psyche of the people that survive the incident. PTSD, Survivors Guilt, Acute Stress Disorder – every person reacts differently to these stressors and many issues with their own personal psyche may arise immediately or as time goes on. 

Some of the ways that you can look to treat these incidents is baseline therapy for every individual who went through said disaster. Talking through the situation that occurred, their part in it, and identifying any mental issues that are beginning to arise or have already made themselves fully present. Catching these incidents early is the best way to enable the individual to have as little disruption to their lives as possible due to potential issues.

Once an issue is identified, taking the time to develop a personalized strategy and treatment plan such as pursuing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to direct potential thoughts that could cause great harm to a logical place that severely reduces the mental strain on an individual. Many survivors of incidents feel an innate guilt that they could have helped out in some additional way but didn’t, that actions they did take maybe made the situation worse, that they could have saved someone that was lost…each person may adopt their own version of events that places an enormous amount of guilt on their shoulders where there simply isn’t any to be had. Working with those people to allow that logical thought process to take hold is key to a quick recovery, and ultimately the continuation of a healthy life.