Why everyone should try the vegan diet

Formal Requirements:

3-5 pages
12pt Times New Roman
1 inch margins
MLA heading
MLA Documentation
3-5 sources (at least one database article)


Write a preliminary argument for your research paper. This should not try to encompass the whole research paper argument, but only a piece of it. Think of this as one or two sections from your final research outline. This should operate as a stand alone argument (in other words, it shouldn’t feellike an incomplete research paper). It should have a clear and specific thesis statment, an introduction, clear arguments and sources that work to support the thesis and a clear conclusion. You should be able to use part/s (not all) of this paper as part of your final research paper.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I would encourage you to look back to your Topic Proposal or think of the seminar ideas and consider how your research paper idea might fit under one of those topic umbrellas: culture, health, business, science, or history. You can use these as a kind of guideline. You may also want to refer to the sources you’ve already found for your MLA Summary/Response assignments.

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