What’s the Change Process?

In this written assignment, describe the organization and development process that occurred in your selected company.  Explain who led the process, how did the planning take place, who were other individuals involved, what was the communication process, what diagnostics were selected, evaluate effectiveness of the process.

For my organization I chose the organization Amazon and the change of the CEO’s. For this assignment please follow the instructions above but base it around the change of Amazon’s CEO.

This paper should be  5 – 8 pages, lines double-spaced, with 12-pt fonts.  Please submit the assignment only as a Word (.doc  or .docx) or Rich Text format (.rtf) document. Please include your name, title of this assignment, headings to organize the paper, in-text citations, and a reference/works cited section.  Title the file with your name as follows: First and last name, M3.  Remember to cite references from the Anderson text and any additional material used in your research in the body of your essay and include a References Cited section at the end.

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