Veterans & their Mental Health Struggles

Consultation Prospectus Veterans and their Mental Health Struggles
Task: Submit to complete this assignment
Students will prepare a consultation prospectus paper. Select an area of interest for potential consultation (this topic CAN overlap with your consultation project). The prospectus should include the following components:

Overview of the topic of interest and how consultants might be of use
Description of expertise needed in order to serve as a consultant (be specific as to what steps one would need to take to develop this expertise (i.e. classes, training, reading, presentations, etc).
Provide 3-5 resources that a potential consultant would find useful to work in this area (i.e. books, journal articles, videos, etc).
Identify professional organizations, conferences, and related groups that may be relevant to your topic.
Outline/develop a plan that you could utilize if this was an area that you wanted to provide consultation for (i.e. step by step guide of how you would develop expertise, network, join organizations, etc.)

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