You will research your approved ethical issue You will be presenting
evidence and arguments supporting your moral claim. Remember, this is an ethics
assignment. Dont just discuss the issue – argue your position. Your submission should
convince me of your position on the morality or immorality of your issue.


Ethical issue is clearly defined.
General overview of the issue is presented.
Why this issue is important is discussed.
The moral claim or position on this issue is clearly stated. It is a valid and well-structured
moral argument
There are several rational arguments supporting your position.
There are several rational arguments challenging your position.
The submission describes the weaknesses of the ethical theory as it relates to the issue.
The submission describes the strengths of the ethical theory as it relates to the issue
The submission includes a summary of the issue and arguments. The submission also includes includes an overview of your own personal perspective.
The submission discusses new discoveries based on the research
The submission lists unanswered questions discovered.

The submission has the minimum of 6 cited references. All sources are properly cited within
the body of the submission. ( https://press.rebus.community/intro-to-phil-ethics/chapter/utilitarianism/ ) This page must be used as a reference once at least.

I also have a (Proposal) *its like a short outline* for the research, I need to submit in 30 hours. ( I attached the file ) It’s important to finish this proposal because you are going to choose a topic. If you’re okay with this please accept the order.

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