Understand strategies for achieving quality in health and social care services

(Recommended word limit maximum up to 1000 words)

Produce a journal article to answer the following questions: 2.1 Explain the standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality, especially in residential care facilities

Highlight or bold each standard and explain:
National minimum standards
Bench Mark
Key performance indicator
code of practice
NHS Constitution
CQC and NICE Standard

First explain then in a different paragraph link your explanation to case scenario
please use one or two of THE STANDARDS give brief practical example of how its used in measuring quality in a residential home.

[P2.1] 2.2 Evaluate different approaches, to implementing quality systems [P2.2, D1]

Please evaluate the approaches below
1.Planning :strategic plan, tactical plan, operational plan
2, Organising
6 Target Setting
7Policies and Procedures

First evaluate then in a different paragraph link to case scenario

2.3 Analyse potential barriers to delivery of quality health and social care services in the case study organisation [P2.3, M3]

1, Dealing with a wide variety of clients
2.Provision of multiple services
3.Failure of Partnership working
4Legislation and Policies
5 organisational structure and Culture
6.lack of Expertise
7, lack of Facilities

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