Ubuntu: Competitive Advantage in South Africa

Ubuntu: Competitive Advantage in South AfricaPaper details:
Read the article on Ubuntu in the readings folder of the Course Content.
1. In one page, state what you think Ubuntu is, and discuss its driving principles (or take-aways) that companies can get from it (about 400 words).
2. Name 5 major companies in which you think some or all of the principles of Ubuntu apply. Your examples might include Southwest Airlines, B&J’s, also Google, and there may be others in the US or overseas.
3. For each of these 5 firms identified, provide evidence, in about half-a-page or so, that shows why you think Ubuntu principles are being followed in the company. If possible state which aspect of Ubuntu is reflected in the practices of the firm.
4. The total length of the paper should be no more than 5 pages (or 1,500 words).
Be sure to include the sources of reference for the materials you’ve used. For books, magazines, and journal articles, state the inclusive pages (from page X to page Y) of the full article you used. For online references, provide the URLs for the location of the online source.

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