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Analysis of Childrens Toy/Game and Influence on Development

Complete an analysis on a childrens toy or game based on the cognitive development and either the physical or psychosocial development of infants, toddlers, or middle childhood.
Indicate the target age range is for the toy/game. Is it gender specific? Does the manufacture make any claims
about the toy/game? Provide a description of how the toy/game meets a childs specific cognitive and either
physical or psychosocial needs. Apply developmental theories to support the information you present.
Lastly, recommend at least one modification to improve the toy/game and explain how this would enhance at
least one of the areas of development (physical, psychosocial, cognitive).

2-3 pages of content (Content pages do not include the title, references pages, appendix)
Minimum of 1 reference textbook or scholarly source published within the last five years
APA format including cover page, in-text citations, and references page

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