Total Quality Management improvement according to comments

Total Quality Management improvement according to comments
I would like you to revise the whole second chapter (starting from 2 till 2.3.4) and improve it if needed, + what is really nessecary is that you modify according to the feedback of my supervisor. namely:

In 2.1.2. you are referring to policies – which policies? US law?
2.3.3 increase in numbers sold – isn’t extended warranty contradicting to this goal – please comment in your work.
The whole second chapter has so much potential. You have not discussed at all which different forms of warranty are given in business, neither did you present any related policies, which is, I would say a large part of your work!

I have changed the method of my research, therefore I do not use the whole 4-6 chapters in my further research. please feel free to use that material for the improvement of the theoretical part.

concerning the second comment of my supervisor (p.2.3.3) – personally I do not agree with his opinion, therefore I would like you to be more objective and decide on your own, but, please, make a good argument there.

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