Total Compensation and Returns for Work

Total Compensation and Returns for Work
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Total Compensation and Returns for Work Scoring Guide.
Microsoft Word icon Exhibit 1.4 in Chapter 1 of your text.
Website icon Capella Undergraduate Online Writing Center – APA Citing and Referencing.
Exhibit 1.4 (Total Returns for Work) in Chapter 1 of your text outlines the different components of a total compensation system as well as the relational returns of working. Using your text as a reference, write a brief paper addressing the following:

Define the four categories of returns described in your text and be sure to cite the source for this information.
Now, imagine you have been asked to help rethink the compensation policy at your previous, current, or future place of work. The HR manager wants to know which of the returns are the most important to employees. Your task is to identify these returns, then analyze the relative importance of the returns.
As the employer, considering the total returns equals 100 percent. How much would you allocate to each of the components and why? You do not have to allocate something for all of them, nor should your answer be one or two of the tangible items. It should be a blend that you think would represent most of the employees.
Once allocated, explain your thinking in a brief analysis of no more than one page.
Be sure to include APA formatted citations for all information that is quoted or paraphrased from another source.

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