. Through the explorations of various factors involved to what extent is the value of the curriculum being true to its students across socioeconomic status and people of color.

An abstract

3. Overview, Background & Justification of Project/Discussion of Related Research

Describe your project
Describe WHY you chose to propose this project
Discuss HOW it addresses/relates to inequality and diversity
SUMMARIZE the research that supports your project and justifies the need for your project
4. Description of targeted group (half-1 page)

Who are you targeting and why?
Grades/ages, SES level, racial ethnic background, etc.
5. Goals & Desired Outcomes

What are your intended goals and outcomes? Be sure these relate to the educational problem you are addressing.
Describe the research that supports why your goals are important and why your project will help reach the goals/outcomes
Goals and outcomes should be specific, and should clearly relate to equity in education
6. Description of your proposed solution and timeline (3-4 pages)

Be specific about the elements of your solution, use research articles to justify why you think your proposed solution will work, include a general timeline for implementing your project (e.g., weekly/monthly steps) and reaching your goals

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