The influence of culture on child development

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to take a position on an aspect of your choice related to current research directions on the role and influence of culture on children?s development. Complete the following:

1. Review the literature and consider aspects that you would like to investigate related to the role and influence of culture/diversity on children?s developmental processes.Choose your topic and conduct research to identify current findings and directions related to the aspect that you selected.

2. Describe the topic that you selected. Prepare a rationale to describe the reasons for the topic that you selected.
Clearly describe the relevance of the topic to culture and diversity and its relationships with child developmental processes.

3. Review at least ten sources from the related literature and discuss the current views about the topic.

4. Discuss your position about the role of cultural aspects and their influence on the topic.Clearly describe the impact of diversity factors. Support your comments. State the implications for programs and services for young children.

5. Propose aspects related to the topic that in your opinion should be added to the research agenda on child development and culture. Specify the reasons.

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