The Ethics of Duty

What is an environmental issue (an issue having to do with human impact, large or small, on the natural world) about which you feel a sense of duty?

“Direct and indirect effects of sunscreen exposure for reef biota”

This paper should do the following.

Open with a paragraph that contains a brief overview of the issue, a brief indication of how the article relates to that issue, and a thesis sentence that connects your sense of duty to the issue and the article. Please provide the full title, author, and publication in your first mention of the article. (Example: In his article “X” from Mother Jones, Jim Smith argues that….)
Contain at least three body paragraphs that explore the main points and key terms, concepts, and arguments you’ve chosen from the article. Use selected bits of information from the article (cite them, please) to support your own ideas about the article, the issue, and your sense of duty. This is not a book report. You’re not simply restating the article.
Close with a paragraph that echoes the opening paragraph but also adds new value via the idea of duty. You might consider looking to the future, creating a call to action for others, or warning of what could happen if things do not change.

The writer provides a solid example of academic scholarship, related to a specific real-world environmental issue. Issue, article, and sense of duty must be connected logically in a one-sentence thesis.

Summary Quality
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Summary Quality
The writer summarizes the article clearly and accurately, relating it directly to the issue and sense of duty. Large chunks of quote or paraphrase without context will not be counted as quality.

Sense of Duty
The writer’s sense of duty must be articulated so that there is no confusion about how it connects to the article and issue. Avoid broad words and phrases such as “good” and “doing what’s right.” Use specific personal definitions of things such as “good” and “right” in clarifying sense of duty.

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