THE EFFE3CT OF POACHING ON THE ENVIRONMENT * Write an introduction ending with a thesis statement. * Fully developed 1st paragraph * Introductory paragraph for each supporting ideas/ statement that is in the thesis. WEIGHTED TRAIT FOR SCORING RUBRIC NB. A.- The introduction establishes the topic (clear purpose & focus). engages the reader at the outset. provides sufficient background information. contains clear links between statements. and ends with a thesis statement. B – There is an appropriate and effective topic sentence for the first body paragraph. and sub-points relate logically to this topic sentence. Illustrations are discussed fully and appropriately. and unwarranted or uncritical assumptions are avoided. Mastery of the principles of effective paragraph development is demonstrated.
C – There are appropriate & effective topic sentences for two to three other body paragraphs. and relationships are obvious a) between these topic sentences and the thesis and b) among all topic sentences.
0- The paper demonstrates full communicative competence in Standard English. It shows precise language use and effective word choice and sentence structure and variety. Voice and tone are appropriate to the topic. purpose and audience. The writer uses idiomatic English & virtually no errors occur re sentence boundaries (absence of comma splices. run-ons. fragments…). forms of usage (number. subject/verb agreement. verb forms. pronoun reference. spelling. punctuation & capitalisation.

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