The Art of Political Murder Film Review

Write a film review that evaluates the historical merits of the movie “The Art of Political Murder”.
1) What was the argument or main idea of the film with regard to its historical topic?
2) How accurate was the filmic representation of historical themes? What did the film get right or wrong?
3) How have reviewers critiqued the film? That is, how was this film received by popular or academic audiences?
4) Overall, what has the film accomplished by its production? What would you consider the value of the film?
5) The essay must include a short overview of the movie plot, historical characters, and a discussion of the historical themes.

You must use ATLEAST 1 of the sources that I provide as reference to your point (must be cited).
You must also use 1 popular film reliable source (not wikipedia) which must be cited as well.

1st source:
2nd source: uploaded in files.

Finally: you must include footnotes in this essay.

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