tech in math

In special education, the use of technology is a necessity in every classroom. Such technology can take the form of digital resources (high tech) or other non-digital tools (low-tech). Teachers must take the time to be comfortable with the use of both types of technology in their lessons and instruction. While it does not replace quality instruction from the teacher, technology can enhance concepts and make the curriculum more accessible for the students.

Select either an elementary or secondary school context and create an 8-10 slide digital professional development presentation for school staff about high tech and low-tech tools that can be used to enhance math instruction and assessments for students with disabilities. Technology tools should also be useful when teaching Arizona or another states standards from the Geometry domain and can include apps, videos, websites, etc. The technology selected should be developmentally appropriate for the school level selected..

The presentation should include the following:

A detailed description of each technology tool
An explanation of how each technology tool is useful for teaching to the geometry standards with specific examples
An explanation of how each technology tool can be used to differentiate instruction and assessments for students with disabilities
Presenters notes, title slide, and reference slide
Support your presentation with 1-2 scholarly resources.

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