Teaching nurses to communicate effectively with physicians

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Topic: ?Teaching nurses to communicate effectively with physicians.”

The student will identify a practice issue or concern that impacts the role of the nurse educator, and will conduct a database search on the topic (?Teaching nurses to communicate effectively with physicians.”)The student will develop an annotated bibliography to provide an understanding of the current literature on the focus topic.

1.Writes an introduction that identifies the capstone project and how the topic(?Teaching nurses to communicate effectively with physicians.”) has an impact on nursing education then Conduct a database search on the selected capstone topic
2. Create an annotated bibliography that includes a minimum of ten (10) scholarly citations related to the capstone topic.
3. For each annotation, first provide the reference, cited in APA format 6th edition.
4. The reference should be followed with a 1/4 to 1/3 page summary of the main concepts of each article.
5. Continue to provide first the reference, then the annotation, for a total of 10 articles.
6. Provide a title page and running head. A reference page isn?t necessary since the references precede each annotation.
7. Please use scholarly sources. A source is scholarly when it
? ? comes from a professional, peer-reviewed publication (e.g., a journal or a government report such as from the FDA or CDC);
? ? contains references for sources cited, so you can find the original source of information;
? ? is written by a professional or scholar in the field and indicates credentials of the author(s); and
? ? is no more than 5 years old; however, consult with your instructor regarding the appropriate age of articles.

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