Talk about the work experience, in consulting company best

My goal with this assignment is to see if you have understood what I told you and, more important, if you are able to use it directly in a real working situation. Your field mission is the perfect place for this, but past work experiences may also be suitable.
1. In the context of your field mission, or in a past work experience, identify a process. Weither it is key for the organization or not is not important, as long as it is a real process.
Describe it as precisely as you can, and specifically develop the following
o Name & purpose of this process.
o All its characteristics (customer, owner, inputs,…). o Place in the organization.
o Type of process.
o Relevance for the organization.
List the documents that exist in the organization to define, describe, manage and monitor the process. I don’t want these documents, especially if you have signed off a NDA… But I want you to look for what has been done to describe the process.
Draw a basic flowchart of this process, using an understandable standard, in Power Point or any basic tool you want.
From what you know about the organization, show / discuss the link with the strategy and the corresponding objectives.
According to you, is this process optimized or not? What could potentially be better?
2. Still in the context of your field mission or in a past work experience, describe a project you’ve worked on from a project design / project management perspective.
If you’re not working in project mode, or if it’s not identified as such, identify an ongoing project within the organization to work on.
What makes it a project? Characterize it.
List the documents used to manage and monitor the project.
Who are the stakeholders? Do you think / know if they have been
considered as they should?
More generally speaking, has this project been correctly designed
according to you? Set out your arguments.

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