Talent Development

Begin by reviewing the following two documents: Talent Matrix (.pdf) and a word document with current employees ratings (.docx).

For this assignment, you must use the talent identification matrix to make recommendations on
who should be promoted,
who needs to have performance improvement plans (PIPs) for the next year, and
overall observations on the company’s talent pool, including any general observations you can make about the company’s development of these employees. Keep in mind that you need to use the matrix to make these recommendations. That said, the last page of the PDF is just an example of what a talent identification matrix would look like, and should only guide you in your usage.
Your assignment does not have a required number of pages or words; however, should answer the above questions with:
Concise, clear and professional recommendations in acceptable business format
The development of your own talent matrix, specifically identifying which employees belong in which quadrants.

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