TA-okayed? articles

1) READ ONE of the ?TA-okayed? articles
?There is a Word document posted on Blackboard with 11appropriate articles to choose from

2) WRITE a ONE-paragraph summaryon that one okayed article
?Summary must include information (a sentence or two) on the article?s
?Summary must be around 250 words
oGood = 240-260
oBad = under 240 or over 260 words
?Summary must include IN-TEXT CITATIONS
?If I am writing a summary for the article:
?Grant, A. 1993. Jurassic Park?s ?velociraptors? were actually a genus called
Deinonychus. Journal of DinosaurMovie Factuality 3(2): 60-69.
? This is how to cite an article in a bibliography.
?Then the in-text citation can be:
?Grant (1993) explained that the Hollywood film, Jurassic Park, did not correctly name someof their dinosaurs; the worst offender on his list was the velociraptor,
which should have more appropriatelybeen called Deinonychus.
?The Hollywood film, Jurassic Park, had some inaccuracies when it named a few of theirdinosaurs. One example of this is the velociraptor (Grant, 1993).
oIf there are TWO authors of an article, you include bothnames like this:
?Grant and Sattler (1993) found that raptors canopen doors.
?Raptors have been observed to open doors (Grantand Sattler, 1994).
oIf there are MORE THAN TWO authors:
?Grant et al. (1993) found a significant difference in probability of getting eaten by a
Tyrannosaurus rex between groups that moved and groups that remained perfectly motionless (p <0.05).
?When faced by a Tyrannosaurus rex attack, it wasfound that groups that moved were
more likely to get eaten than groups that remained motionless (p < 0.05) (Grant et al.,1993).
oYou must re-word the author?s sentence(s) IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
oYou must cite correctly and after every statement that comes from that paper.
?If it is not your own thought or implication, then itmust be cited.

3) Include the Bibliography citation of the paper above or belowthe summary.

4) Include THREE QUESTIONS you have after reading the article.

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