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In this assignment, you will complete a career-to-personality match assessment, which will provide career fields that match your interests. Based on this assessment, you will research your career clusters and identify how these align with your interests and skills. Identify your desired career field to help direct your efforts in this course and in your overall career plan. Complete the following:

Complete the Career Cluster Interest Survey by following this link.
Based on your outcome, research the career fields recommended for you.
Identify your desired career. To find more specific information on a position or company, you can visit a professional networking site (either a general one or one that is specific to your field) or the CareerBuilder for CTU section of the Career Services area.
On the Discussion Board, compose a brief statement that includes the following:
State your top 3 career clusters.
Discuss how these clusters align or do not align with your interests and skills.
Identify and state your desired career field (what you are interested in doing).

CAREERwise Education. (n.d.). Career cluster interest survey. Retrieved from

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